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AI, Data & Analytics Summit

Introduction AI, Data & Analytics Summit 2021
Gerrie Smits, Curator
Keynote - AI beyond ML models: what about your data debt?Artificial Intelligence
Amir Krifa, Director Data Science & AI, PhD at EY
Implementing MLOps with Amazon SageMaker: main concepts and best practicesArtificial Intelligence
Davide Gallitelli, Solutions Architect Specialist AI/ML at Amazon Web Services
Digital Twin: AR/VR - Live Demo for Advanced Customer Experience, trained on NVIDIA A100Artificial Intelligence
Udo Würtz, Deputy Chief Data Officer, Fujitsu BLP EMEA
Bridging the gap with explainable AIArtificial Intelligence
Arne Vandendorpe, Machine Learning Engineer at ML6
Challenges in productionalizing AI systemsArtificial Intelligence
Karel Vanhoorebeeck, Co-Founder & CTO at
Ethical Technology Institute: Creating a future where technology and data are free of biasArtificial Intelligence
Mathias Vercauteren, Founder & Chairman of Ethical Technology Institute
Lunch Break
Keynote - Human-like AI: going beyond mere pattern recognition to empower humansArtificial Intelligence
Tom De Schepper, Program Manager AI Foundations, IDLab, University of Antwerp
Stop reinventing the wheel: what to build and what to adopt when implementing AI into your organization Artificial Intelligence
Simone Cammel, Cloud Customer Engineer Data Analytics and AI at Google Cloud
Low-code / no-code AI: The new era of document processingArtificial Intelligence
Maxime Vermeir, Director of Customer Innovation at ABBYY + Mathias Fransen, Managing Partner at RoboRana
Humain.aiArtificial Intelligence
Tom Husson, Digital Evolution Strategist, Founder & Managing Partner at
Why you should invest in graphs: learning from data fusion on knowledge graphsArtificial Intelligence
Quinten Rosseel, Data Scientist & Managing Partner at
AI-based optimization of Dutch NLP beyond the current state-of-the-artArtificial Intelligence
Ali Adiby, Applied Artificial Intelligence Research & Development at Howest
How to deal with the war for talent in AIArtificial Intelligence
Chrysanthi Katrini, Senior AI Coach & AI Coordinator at BeCode
Data labeling for AI applicationsArtificial Intelligence
Jens Krijgsman, Researcher at Sizing Servers lab - Howest
Closing AI, Data & Analytics Summit 2021

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