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Felipe Kenji Nakano

PhD Researcher

Hierarchical Classification of Transposable Elements

Transposable Elements (TEs) are DNA sequences capable moving within a genome. Such movement is associated with genetic variability and functionality in genes.  In this work, we have investigated hierarchical classification applied to TEs classification. and also proposed two new methods. Our experiments show that hierarchical classification can be superior than standard bioinformatics methods.


Felipe Kenji Nakano obtained his bachelors and masters degree in computer science from State University of Londrina (2012) and Federal University of Sao Carlos (2016) respectively.  Currently, he is a PhD Researcher at KU Leuven KULAK, working on building predictive models for intensive care units. His research interests also includes active learning, hierarchical and multi-label classification.


Halle aux Fûts
Day 3 - Nov 8th

Brewery of Ideas

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