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Youri Coppens

PhD student, VUB

A Virtual Maze Game to Explain Reinforcement Learning

We demonstrate how Virtual Reality can explain the basic concepts of Reinforcement Learning through an interactive maze game. A player takes the role of an autonomous learning agent and must learn the shortest path to a hidden treasure through experience. This application visualizes the learning process of Watkins' Q(λ), one of the fundamental algorithms in the field. A video can be found at


Youri Coppens pursues his PhD at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His research focuses on Explainable Reinforcement Learning and linking these to affective signals.
After obtaining his Msc degree, he spent a year in Japan doing an internship at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. on hardware acceleration for Deep Reinforcement Learning and wrote his first publication, which won a best paper award.


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